Rachael Montgomery

Print apprentice, bindery queen, Texan belle


My favorite time in the studio is...quiet Saturday mornings so that I can just drink coffee and play catch-up.

My favorite thing about invitations is...seeing how the couple's personalities come through in the design. I love one-of-a-kind touches like a hand illustrated map or a calligraphed monogram.

My shoes...are laid-back and non-fussy.

My must have accessory is...a well placed braid.

My favorite ice cream flavor is...vegan coffee cinnamon.

My favorite spot to get away is...Topanga Canyon.

Apple or PC....Apple

beach or mountains...mountains

jeans or dress...Both! Maybe even at the same time. Why not?

coffee or hot chocolate...coffee

polka dots or stripes...It's a case by case basis. But micro-dots are always good in my book!