The custom invitation experience ...

Every event is unique.  Never-been-done-before unique.  At Copper Willow, we believe your stationery & invitations should be just as original.   They should celebrate that moment in time, surrounded by people you know and love, on an occasion that can only be represented once.  Our designers take the time to get to know you and your style, the aesthetic and feel of the venue, the colors, the season...all the way down to how you want your guests to feel when they open the invitation.  Whether you are having 30 or 300 guests at your event, every invitation is an opportunity to personally reach out to every guest and send them a preview of your special day.  

At Copper Willow, we do not have books and binders of pre-made samples.  We will present you with boxes of client work.  Every item was intimately designed, printed, and delivered.  Every paper was chosen by a client and created especially for them.  We will welcome you to look over our past work, find some things you are drawn to, and feel inspired.  We will coach you through the design selection process as you feel through stacks of papers to find the perfect fit.  We encourage you to touch the printed letters, tie the twine, fold the envelope flaps, feel the weight of the paper.  This process is pure joy.  Our wheels are turning as we work with you and you're enjoying the choices, the colors, the papers, the lettering...and more!    

So many of our clients reach the end of their consultation feeling surprised at how fun and easy their invitation design process was.  And that's how it should be. We look forward to creating with you!