Letterpress round-up: How to create the best blind impression

copperwillow.com | how to create the best blind letterpress

The beauty of letterpress is in the impression.  That beautiful texture of soft cotton plush against crisp pressed line work.  Nothing shows this off like "blind" letterpress.  Basically, blind press is just running the machine without ink.  Purely art pushed into paper.  

If you're in letterpress, here's some things to think about.  If you're the designer, these are also great factors to consider/request in your design and material selection!  Have fun!

  • The best impression comes from pressing on cotton.  If you're working with stiff or lighter weight material, consider hot foil with a translucent foil.
  • Use soft packing in the machine.  This allows the plate to press through the paper with less resistance.
  • Consider the coverage of the artwork.  The more dense the line work, the less pressure each line will receive on impact.  There's more physics in letterpress than we realize!
  • TIP: use white or translucent ink on the machine to enhance the texture and light/shadow contrast
  • Watch for fibers cracking, but otherwise deeper is better! 

Blind letterpress instragram round-up, in black and white, because it's all about that press.