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Our next Pen to Press: September 24-25 | pen to press creative workshop

We're happy to announce our next Pen to Press workshop - September 24 & 25th (9am-5pm) in El Segundo, California!  If you're an invitation artist or aspiring to be one, this is a weekend built for you. 

So what is Pen to Press?  This weekend-long course is designed to guide and educate our students in building a business around their art on paper.  We cover every topic, from design basics & preparing scanned art for print, to color-matching, speaking paper lingo, and understanding how production works.  Top that off with in-depth information on website, promotion, pricing, and the legal matters of running a business.  Our students learn it all and no subject is off limits!

Who should consider Pen to Press?  After working in paper design & production for 10 years, we have worked with designers of all backgrounds; advertising, graphic design, architecture, calligraphy, painting, drafting, etc.  All are welcome!  If you're interested in learning how to turn your art into a paper business, this is for you.  Even if you're already working with paper and want to explore your reach or expand your print services, this educational experience will only enhance your client work.  New to paper altogether?  This course is a must.  We have welcomed calligraphers and watercolor artists and helped them build the bridge to taking that next step!

What is the weekend like?  The course is taught by Jill Velez and Leora Mauck, co-owners of Copper Willow.  We also welcome 3 guest speakers who will share their experience, snags, tips, and q&a about their journey into paper.  Our sample topics include:

Art creation techniques, a comprehensive on paper, envelopes, & sizing, overview on print techniques, color design, preparing files for print, finishing techniques, working with a printer, business licenses & accounts, web design & portfolios, networking, photoshoots, marketing, and more!

What's included?  Cost: $500.  Each student receives a welcome gift set and information packet.  Both days include a lunch out with a visiting artist.  The course includes time on our letterpress machines, learning how they operate and printing 25 of your own business cards.  Our students have also kept in touch with us and we are always here to answer questions and give guidance!

Registration opens June 1st and we have 10 seats!  We hope to see you soon!