Calligraphy & Digital Addressing

Hand Calligraphy

After your printing is finished, we are pleased to handle your calligraphy needs. From drafting an invitation to addressing to writing escort cards, your papers are cared for until their completion in our studio.  

Envelopes: $3 each

Placecards: $1.25 each

Escort cards: $1.75 each

Invitation drafting varies

For more information, please visit:

*The calligraphy calendar books up fast, so reserve your time when you pay your project deposit!  Please order 15% extra envelopes.

Digital Addressing

Use digital addressing for precise typefaces and extremely stylized fonts, or when looking for a cost effective alternative to hand calligraphy.  Simply provide your guests' addresses in an Excel spreadsheet, approve a layout using the fonts from your invitation design, and we print!

Envelopes: $1.50 each

Placecards: $1.25 each with paper

Escort cards: $1.50 each with paper

   (printed designs on the escort are more)

*Order 10% extra envelopes