Meet Our Team


Leora and Jill met through their husbands, who are best friends from college.  Add 10+ years working in paper together, 2 children each, countless hours of laughter and tears and you have a business built on family and friendship.  When you visit us in downtown El Segundo, you'll be greeted by a sweet dog, overhear a child or two running about, and see us elbows deep in production.  You may also hear ecstatic exclamations coming from upstairs, over creating something truly fantastic.  

Owning is a business is only possible with support:  organized, creative, kind, and thoughtful support.  We're so happy to have an amazing team.  We're so grateful that amidst the busy atmosphere and production commotion, we are all having fun.  And when we're not, we have a bright yellow "I'm having a bad day vest" to wear, and a super fluffy pillow to hug.  

On the best days, short dance breaks are also known to happen.   

Below are photos of our amazing team ... be sure to click on their names to learn more about each individual!