Processes & Procedures Agreement

Welcome to Copper Willow!  We are pleased to offer you custom, one-of-a-kind invitations and papers that we design and print right here in our studio.  After perusing our samples, touring our space, and listening to us gush about our might wonder how we do it?  Understanding the process and timeline helps us meet your needs and makes the paper design process even more enjoyable for you!  


THE CONSULTATION: Our initial design meeting typically lasts 60-90 minutes, and our projects include one follow-up meeting of up to 30 minutes to confirm materials and ink colors, if necessary. Additional in-person time is charged $100 per hour.   

GET STARTED IN 3 STEPS: Soon after your consultation, you’ll receive a cost estimate for your suite of papers. The estimate is priced a la carte so you may choose what papers and processes to use. All of our pricing includes design time, materials, set-ups for print, and labor.  When you are ready for us to work on your proof, please follow these 3 steps:

       1) Submit the 50% deposit in person or by using our online invoice sent by your designer;

       2) Email your full text/wording to your designer in the body of an email or Word document (no PDFs please); and

       3) Read about our procedures right here on our website, and submit your approval (gray box on the right).

*With your cost proposal, you will receive a timeline of deadlines for a target proof approval and pick-up date.  Approvals received after the deadline will result in a delay in your pick-up. 

*Your deposit is nonrefundable and pays for all custom design time, proofing, and materials.

THE PROOFING PROCESS: Once your deposit, full text, and agreement approval are received, the design process begins!  The proofing process takes an average of 2-3 weeks. The initial proof takes an average of 3-5 days and will be delivered by email as a PDF.  The first page of the proof is our full cost and materials proposal where you will confirm quantities and pricing.  All proofs are designed to actual paper size, using the chosen ink colors.  All proof edits require additional proof reviews and take 2-3 days depending on the amount of changes and the busy season.  If the scope of your design should change dramatically during the proof process, a new cost proposal must be approved, and a new timeline will need to be evaluated.  Every item must be proofed, even single-print signs. If you do not see an item in your proof, it will not be printed.  If any color shown is drastically different than you requested, tell us! 

*Proofing involves 1 initial proof based on the design consultation and up to 3 rounds of proof changes.  Any proof changes after the 4th round is an extra $50 each. The proof rounds apply to the invitation suite as a whole.  Wording that is supplied late will not receive as many proofs and may delay approval so it is important to supply complete information from the beginning.

APPROVING YOUR PROOF: Your proof is ready for print when you say it is!  Our designers will do a basic review of your text, but the final inspection of all spelling and information is your responsibility.  You must sign and return the cover page of the proof to begin production.  Your signature confirms that you approve all materials and quantities, as well as the design and text.  If the proofing process runs past the target approval date given at consultation, the target pick-up date will move back accordingly.  Rush fees can be assessed to speed things along, but the average production time is 3-4 weeks after proof approval.

YOUR FINISHED PRODUCT: All papers designed and printed in our studio are handmade and designed to each client’s specifications.  Most of these designs are unique, being created for the very first time.  Actual printed samples, however, require as much time and set up as running the full project and are not offered.  

TAKING YOUR PAPERS HOME: The first page of your proof includes the project completion date.  After a smooth, timely proofing process, this date is when you can plan to pick up.  Your designer will confirm completion with you shortly beforehand.  The balance of your invoice will be due upon pick up, and full payment is required to take your materials home.  Please count and review all items within 72 hours of pick up.

SHIPPING:  You  may choose to have your order shipped to you if you are unable to pick-up.  Shipping via UPS are the following flat rates: $20 within CA, $35 up to the Mississippi line, $50 to the East coast. 


*ALL STUDIO VISITS from initial consult to final pick up must be scheduled by appointment.  We want to make sure your designer is there and ready to make time for you!  All projects include one (1) 60-90 minute consultation plus (1) 30 minute follow-up visit; additional consultation time is billed at $100/hr. 

*WE ARE DESIGNERS and respect the work of other invitation artists.  We are excited to review your paper inspirations; however, we will not copy another designer’s work.  All artwork and designs remain the property of Copper Willow Paper Studio.  Your project includes the one-time license for use of artwork on items printed here in the studio.  If you would like to obtain the rights to any of your custom art (including calligraphy) for use in other applications, fees start $25 for a color or black & white PNG or JPG file to $100 for editable vector files.  Please ask your designer for exact pricing, which is based upon the complexity of the design.

*EMAIL is not foolproof.  If you need to discuss any matter urgently, please call the studio.  We will follow the timeline listed on the first page, otherwise.  If you think you are missing an email from us, please call to follow up.

*PROOFS are created in color; however, colors will vary between computer screens.  Your prints will be made in the colors chosen during your consultation.  

*CHANGES after proof approval will be charged $100 and require a new proof.  Also, if in mid-production, fees may be assessed to order new plates and materials.

*LETTERPRESS is a handmade process, and ink colors and impression may vary slightly between print runs and differ slightly from samples in the studio.

*DIGITAL PRINTING is a machine run process, but color is adjusted by eye.  We will color match as closely as we can to a Pantone or letterpress ink, but there may be slight variation.  Photo prints can also vary in color.  A $15 test print is required for all photos to ensure skin tone and overall coloring is accurate.  

*DIGITAL ADDRESSING lists must be submitted upon proof approval.  The Excel template is found under the calligraphy tab above and this format is required.  Your addresses will be printed exactly as you submit them, so please spell out or abbreviate, as desired.  

*CALLIGRAPHY ADDRESSING must be reserved at time of deposit, and availability is not guaranteed.  Calligraphy is a commissioned service, to be paid separately by check at the time of pick up. Please find more information on our site under the calligraphy tab.  Addresses must be received by the date assigned on your proof cover sheet.  Late proof approval and/or address submission may result in the loss of your calligraphy reservation.

*CUSTOM POSTAGE can be arranged through Copper Willow.  We do not offer rule-of-thumb estimates or weigh invitations samples.We are happy to provide a blank paper sample of your invitation while your order is in production for you to weigh at the post office where you will mail the invitations. Otherwise, for all full invitation orders, you will receive an extra printed invitation set past your order count to use as a "tester" to ensure the postage is correct. It's important to mail your suites the same place you got them weighed because Post Offices do vary location to location in the value they give you for postage.  

*MAILING services are NOT provided through our studio.  Experience has proven that the postal service can be unreliable, and we will not accept responsibility for mailing your special papers. We can, however, prep your pieces for mailing by stamping and stuffing each suite, upon request.  We charge $0.25 per item/per action. 

*PAYMENTS made in person are accepted by credit card, check, or cash.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  Deposits and balances may be paid through our online invoicing system or in-person.  Payments taken over the phone are charged a 3% transaction fee.  Checks may be mailed to our business address. Deposits must be received before proofing can begin and balances must be received before any papers can be picked up or shipped.

Current clients are required to read about our processes and sign off that the expectations described on this page are understood prior to proof approval and production. Submit this form when instructed to do so by your designer. 

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