Business Card Sale - September 2016



We are happy to offer our business card sale once again, for the 4th year running!  With the help of our talented staff and some really old machines, we're ready to make your letterpress and foil business card dreams come to life.  So if you have your print-ready design in-hand, you're half way there!  But I'm sure you have on, friends...

How do I get started?  Because every card design is different, every project will still be individually received and quoted.  For basic pricing, email with your design or description, quantity, and paper preference (see below for options).

Do I need to have my own business card design ready?  If you don't have a design or are finalizing a design, that's ok!  We just need the design sometime between September 1st and 30th. If you'd like to chat about creating a design in time, we can custom quote the project for you.    

I'm ready to order, what do you need from me?  In the past, it's been a fast and furious frenzy (how's that for alliteration!).  So this year, behold, below is an information form that we will be requiringto officially put your cards into the printing schedule.  If you have everything listed on this form, you're ready to roll.  But just to confirm - final design that's print ready, ink selections, paper selections, print count, shipping or pick up information...and we take full payment ahead so that we can print in a flurry come October!

My card is fancy... So you have multiple colors, maybe a custom shape, or you need colored paper and specialty foil...etc.  Your card may not fit the mold below.  That ok.  Leave some comments in the notes and we will contact you to get all the bells and whistles ready for you!

When will I get my cards?  During the month of September, we receive orders and bulk them together to order all of our paper and gang up all of the ink runs to press in mass during the month of October.  Your cards will be shipped or ready for pick up (based on preference) sometime during October, usually earlier in that month if you order earlier in the sale.

The sale is awesome, we're excited!  We are too.  This is the one way we can really reach out and hug our fellow business persons, near and far, and give you something you really need to succeed. Give us a shout out on social media and help us spread the word - @copperwillowps on instagram and twitter, Copper Willow Paper Studio on Facebook.  Thanks!  

P.S. If you're on instagram and twitter, we released a special offer about edging...but only to those who mention it to us upon maybe follow us there so you don't miss these things!


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If you have your print-ready business card art in-hand, it's time to rock n roll! If you have a print-ready logo but not a business card design, you're in luck this year. We're charging a single $50 fee for one layout and one proof revision to create the art we need for you!
Increments of 25, 50 card minimum
Select ONE paper below
We are offering production in letterpress and foil
If you are not familiar with our house colors, please leave us color information below.
We ship from El Segundo, CA.
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