2019 Annual Business STATIONERY Sale

50% off letterpress & foil business cards, stationery & business branding items, including business holiday cards

Art files accepted between September 1st & 30th.  All orders will be printed in October.


50% OFF letterpress and foil printed business cards & stationery FOR 1 month only...

We are happy to offer our business card sale once again, for the 7th year running!  Our sale extends to other branded business items like stationery, letterhead, envelopes, packaging tags & bands, stickers, etc, and even holiday cards for your own business.  All foil & letterpress 50% off (digital available at standard pricing).  With the help of our talented staff and some truly vintage machines, we're ready to make your letterpress and foil business branding dreams come to life.  So if you have your print-ready design in-hand, you're half way there!  But I'm sure you have questions...read on, friends...

How do I get started?  Because every card design is different, every project will still be individually received and quoted.  For basic pricing, email jill@copperwillow.com in the month of September with your design or description, quantity, and paper preference (see below for options). Please put "Business Card Sale" in the subject line for a basic inquiry, or fill out the form below to get serious.  If you have other items to submit, please include those details in the same email with the business card inquiry.  

Do I need to have my own business card or stationery design ready?  YES!  The sale does not include layout /design or digital printing. However, you can add on digital printing at standard retail cost.  If you need some help figuring out how to ready your files, scroll down to our print-ready guide.  We're also happy to help you by email!  Designs must be in hand by September 30th.  Design files that come in during October will not be accepted, even if we were quoting the cards without a design in September. 

I'm ready to order, what do you need from me?  Below is an information form that we require to officially put your cards into the printing schedule.  If you have everything listed on this form, you're ready to roll.  But just to confirm - we need the final design that's print- ready, ink selections, paper selections, print count, shipping or pick up information...and we take full payment ahead so that we can print in a flurry come October!

My card is fancy... So you have multiple print colors, maybe a custom shape, or you need specialty foil...etc.  Your card may not fit the mold below.  That's okay.  Leave some comments in the notes and we will contact you to get all the bells and whistles ready for you!

When will I get my cards?  We receive orders during the month of September. We then bulk them together to order all of our paper in late September and then gang up all of the ink runs to press in mass during the month of October.  We will print orders based on submission, so those of you ready in early September will be pressed first!  Your cards will be shipped or ready for pick up (based on preference selected in the form below) sometime during October.  Please note- delivery option cannot be changed after the order is placed.

The sale is awesome, we're excited!  We are too.  This is the one way we can really reach out and hug our fellow business owners, near and far, and give you something you really need to succeed. Give us a shout out on social media and help us spread the word - @copperwillowps on Instagram and Twitter, and Copper Willow Paper Studio on Facebook.  Please also use the hashtag #cwpsbusinesscardsale. Thanks!  

P.S. We will add a metallic edge to one item (gold, silver, rose gold, or copper), complimentary! That offer is only available to those who share our Polaroid-style Instagram post and tag us on Instagram...follow us at @copperwillowps so you don't miss these things!


Name *
Increments of 25, 100 card minimum
Select ONE paper below. Printing is available only on our below house papers. *Scroll to the bottom of the page for textures and thicknesses
We are offering production in letterpress and foil only. Digital printing is not offered for the sale.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for foil photos and list of house colors included in pricing.
We ship from El Segundo, CA.
Please indicate in the notes what items you'd like to discuss along with the print count. These items will be subject to quote as well.
Anything else we should know?


Top row, left to right: 4ply eggshell cotton board, Silk and Willow deckled paper, 220# bright white cotton, 220# eggshell cotton.

Bottom row, left to right: 2ply eggshell cotton board, 2ply black cotton board, 110# bright white cotton, 110# eggshell cotton


Download the full ink list for Pantone numbers (BELOW)



Download the full ink list for Pantone numbers (BELOW)



Download the full foil list for all options