More than just paper.

Copper Willow designs and prints custom letterpress wedding invitations, bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah invitations, business stationery, and more in our home in El Segundo. Conveniently located to service all of Los Angeles, from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, and down to Long Beach and Orange County.  Just a quick jog over from Manhattan Beach and the South Bay beach cities, El Segundo is the sweetest little town you ever did see.  Our studio sits one block west of Main Street, El Segundo.  This little area is of another time, where care and creativity is embraced, and the small town feel is the way of life.

Our studio greets you with an entire floor filled with vintage printing machines.  If you love letterpress, or just antiques, a stop through our shop would make your day.  The production floor is a noisy place!  We have motors running, presses stamping, stacks of paper being cut to size.  So after you've had your fill of the letterpress eye-candy, you'll join us upstairs, where the ideas happen.  Our offices and creative loft will meet you first.  The business-running happens upstairs with phone calls, emails, shipments, packaging, digital printing, and designing all buzzing around you.  Our visitors will enjoy stepping past the behind-the-scenes-life to join a designer in the consult lounge.  Boxes and boards full of samples, baskets of paper swatches, decks of ink and foil samples, as a pretty navy velvet settee awaits.

We truly can't wait to see you!     


Foil printing is hot (literally!) and on trend right now.  Foil is eye catching, versatile, and really makes a statement on paper.  With its opaque nature, foil can be used to print in white or pale colors on dark paper and envelopes.  It can also be shiny and is a great choice for gold or silver.  Foil will add that extra pizazz to a modern suite and elevate the elegance of a traditional invitation.  This print method involves foil, plates, and is run by hand, therefore it is the higher of our production costs. 

Letterpress printing is a specialty here at Copper Willow.  We're proud to have worked in letterpress printing for 10 years and boast 5 letterpress machines on our production floor.  Letterpress is a delight to the senses with both rich and bright colors, and delicious print texture.  Each print is adjusted and printed by hand on our antique machinery.  Plush papers, like cottons, are a dream to print with letterpress!

Copper Willow Digital Printing

Digital printing is both budget-friendly and colorful.  Unlike letterpress or foil, digital can run a 4 color process in one pass through the machine.  Letterpress & foil only run one color at a time.  Digital can also use a variety of cardstocks and colors but is limited to 130 lb paper and smoother textures.  This print method is a great choice for watercolor prints and photos.  Each print is color tested and adjusted to bring out the best contrast and detail possible.  Our digital production is toner based which allows for bright colors and dense blacks.

Once the paper has moved through our production floor, their journey continues in our assembly and wrapping area upstairs.  We offer a full range of hand coordinated accents for your paper goods.  From tying twine or ribbon, to lining envelopes, adding crystals, rounding corners, or adding a paper layer, each finishing element is placed by hand.  Stuffing and stamping are also offered upon request.  After the final touches, every order is counted and inspected by not one, but two team members to ensure accuracy and quality.  Every set of papers is wrapped, labeled, and bagged for pick up in our signature teal hand bag.